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The Franklin’s tale is very interesting because we are introduced to the first relationship in The Canterbury Tales that is functional and mutual to a degree. The couple does not seek to commit adultery to hurt the other, but to bring the couple closer together. The whole situation seems very odd. But, nevertheless the couple loves each other very much. “Who coude telle, but he hadde wedded be, The Joye, the ese, and the prosperitee That is bitwixe an housbonde and his wyf?”(p.215 ln. 803-805). The two shared a very joyous and prosperous union together. The two also were very mutual in their relationship that is contradictory to the controlling husband of the clerk’s tale and the knight who is wed to the old hag in the Wife of Bath’s tale. The two suitors of the story, the husband and the squire, both try to do the just and right thing for the good of
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Unformatted text preview: the lady. Another interesting thing about the story is the fact that the Franklin says that he is not a very learned man, but he tells a tale that has many layers and is very evolved with respect to the dynamics of the relationship. “But, sires, by cause I am a burel man. At my beginning first I yow biseche have me excused of my rude speech”(p. 213 ln 716-718). He begs his audience to forgive him for his crude speech, but he later apologizes for his speech and says that he does not know rhetorical colors or devices, but the footnote says that he apologized in a traditional way using the art he claims not to know. This makes me think that the Franklin knows more than he says he does....
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