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tempest response - island, Ariel. I feel that the European...

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As Doug discussed the setting of “ The Tempest” today in lecture, I think the piece that resonated the most with me was the relationship between European colonization and Prospero’s colonization of his island. I found it hilarious when Doug said that Europeans would seek out “virgin lands” but would forget that people still inhabit them! Prospero maintains control of his island and he asserts control over the “indigenous” spirit of the
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Unformatted text preview: island, Ariel. I feel that the European ideal is to restrict the truth from the people being colonized and to create a world that the captives must assimilate to. I think that Prospero does the same thing to Ariel. The setting is also very congruent with Dougs definition of a romantic type play with the typhoon kicking off the plot and miraculous things like Prosperos spell being cast upon the ship at sea....
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