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I would like to write my essay on Auster's City of Glass prompt number 3 concerning Peter Stillman's theory of language. I thought it would be appropriate to isolate a moment in the story and try to do a critical analysis of that particular part of the story. I would like to focus on when Quinn went to Columbia library to investigate Stillman's life and his ideas. Quinn decided to examine Stillman's work, "The Garden and the Tower Early Visions of the New World." Quinn is finding more information on Stillman's theories of language through a medium (book) used to communicate meaning to others through language. I found this rather ironic. Stillman Senior is relating a mental construction of worldly associations and applying them to physical, linguistic, and psychological spaces. Inside of Stillman's book is an idealized version of language he believes is closely linked to the collapse of
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Unformatted text preview: language that occurred in the book of Genesis. He evokes Milton's Paradise Lost to further discuss his argument saying that the "cleaving" of language is a paradox because it leads to a senseless, contradictory conclusion. It can mean to join together or to break apart. Adam's task was to invent language, and this is the task that Stillman (and perhaps Auster) have taken on as well. Finally, Stillman discusses the fall of language as the "language severed from God." This discourse suggests that language is provided by God which ties nicely with Thomas Aquinas's idea that "for the knowledge of any truth whatsoever man needs Divine help, that the intellect may be moved by God to act." This is part of the project in semiotics that Stillman has taken on himself and further to his grand plan of reconstruction of an ideal language....
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