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In Dogeaters , signs and various discourses including TV, gossip, and radio programs bombard the Philippines’ world. The Filipinos create a reality within the constraints of the various discourses that is superficial and underlies reality. To put into Jean Baudrillard’s terminology, The Filipino’s ideas exist partly in the “simulacrum” or, “semiotics extended from its common one; a copy of a copy which has been so dissipated in its relation to the original that it can no longer be said to be a copy” (Cain, 1732). In other words, the pervasive discourses create a false that the Filipinos inhabit. The discourses serve as vehicles for ideas to be conveyed about
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Unformatted text preview: identity and roles within society. The popular serial radio show, Love Letters is an extremely powerful discourse in the novel to convey ideas of national identities specifically among lower class citizens. The ideas expressed within the show exhibit underlying themes of power struggles among classes and a reinforcing theme of the proletariat overcoming the servant or peasant. The dominant themes in the serial are reinforced every episode and the government controls the media tenaciously. Any opposition to the government’s views are quelled and censored by the Special Squadron urban Warfare Unit....
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