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20 April 2007 Reading Response Dr. Sun Hee Teresa Lee Lan Samantha Chang’s Hunger is a immigration narrative of families starting new lives in America and seeking “The American Dream.” The “Introduction” to the novel describes the families as, “…husbands smoldering with regret, deceptively quiet wives who starch collars, smooth their children’s braids, and observe with quivering insight the eruptions that occur when the unfulfilled desires of a father meet the unbridled “American” rebellion and ambition of his children”(p.2). This is an accurate description of the families depicted throughout the novel. Another common theme lies within the families and the language barrier they encounter between their native dialect and learning to speak English. I was led to wonder if the language held a role in power struggles for
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Unformatted text preview: the families and how such a power struggle presents itself in the different stories. Tian, the father in the story “Hunger,” struggles with his past and hoped for a bright future in America. “I drew one cold, sweet breath of air and truly understood that I had arrived in America”(p.12). Tian’s aspirations were cut short by his refusal of promotion within the University he taught in. “They said I can’t teach theory. They said the students have trouble with my English. They said my English has not improved and they don’t think they will be able to wait for it”(p.48). Tian found it incredibly difficult in times of conflict and socializing with his peers. For this reason, the university did not accept...
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