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chaucer thesis

chaucer thesis - messages • Truth is a very philosophical...

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4 October 2007 Professor B.G. Harding ENG 3542-001 Outline Chaucer’s poem, “Truth” provides a mirror into the world of Chaucer and a lens for reading more of Chaucer’s poetry as he presents various themes and claims that parallel other works including “Parliament of Fowls” and “Book of the Duchess.” In the poem “Truth,” Chaucer poses the question what is truth and what is its significance for people. “Truth” is a very short poem of four stanzas, written in rime royal which Chaucer employed specifically to convey moral, ethical values, religious or spiritual
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Unformatted text preview: messages. • Truth is a very philosophical and moral tale. • Modern vs. Classical interpretation • Meaning of truth in poem: Fidelity to self and a sense of self, to God, and to others. Relates to the idea of common good or common profit. o Modern definition: “ the true or actual state of a matter” • Ln.17 Discussion of wilderness. o Man and beast concepts o How relates to Parliament of Fowls bird aristocracy o Book of Duchess nature themes • Final Stanza Political implications: beast or man who he is addressing this to:...
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