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Professor Rhonda Sanford ENGLISH 3573-3 Assignment 7 part 2 The Constant Flux in Antony and Cleopatra Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra is a tragic play concerning two lovers with a dominating theme of uncertainty in the realms of love and politics. The lovers exhibit two sides of themselves. Antony is a hyper-masculine hero figure, yet he is driven by his passion and enslaved by his love for Cleopatra. Ostensibly, Cleopatra desires to preserve the independence of her kingdom from the Roman Empire, yet at the same time she remains a flirt, promiscuous, and tyrannical at times. The characters roles are not cemented and fixed in one dimension and the play is not in a fixed state. Both relationships between the characters and the plot of the play are fluid and changing leaving the impression with the audience that things are not steady and ever changing. The flux position exhibited in the play and in the lovers can be traced to two particular scenes. The first is late in Act 4 as Antony prepares for his suicide and makes a few philosophical remarks to his servant. It is ironic that his servant’s name is Eros is
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antonyandcleopatrapt2 - Professor Rhonda Sanford ENGLISH...

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