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Professor Rhonda Sanford ENGLISH 3573-3 Assignment 7 part 1 Cinematic Potential of Act 4, Scene 15 As I discuss in my second Antony and Cleopatra essay, the play is in a constant state of flux. The relationship of the lovers and the political atmosphere is continually changing. This is also apparent in the 42 scenes of the play, much more than usual for Shakespeare’s career. There is a possible reason for this sort of fragmentation and as the prompt describes the “The shifts in scene that are hard to achieve on a stage are easily achieved in film through the use of a simple cut or fade.” The scene breaks are notable, the time and place changes dramatically as Egyptians replace Romans wearing different
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Unformatted text preview: costumes than before and in a completely different location. For instance, the first three scenes are in Egypt, followed by the fourth in Rome, the fifth in Egypt, the sixth in Cicily and so on. There are a high number of entrances and exits, marking the changing nature of the play again. Instead of being a screenplay, the play itself shows the flux by changing constantly in this way. A series of “dissolves” that are very short would give the audience a sense of the shifts, the locations change dramatically, but the dissolves reflect the changes. I have made my own changes on the scene and its cinematic potential on the attached copy of Act 4, Scene 15....
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