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Professor Rhonda Sanford ENGLISH 3573-3 Assignment 5 A Hint of Hope in King Lear Shakespeare’s King Lear is a play saturated with savagery and inhumanity providing a commentary on mankind. There is another undertone of hope embedded within the chaos. Suffering is a constant theme throughout the play as people are betrayed. Lear is betrayed by his daughters and his illegitimate son, Edmund, Lear disowns Cordelia, and the play leaves the audience questioning if anyone can be trusted in this cruel world. Amidst so many atrocities, Shakespeare provides the audience with various mechanisms people employ to handle the hardships they are confronted with. Through this resilience and ability to cope with hardships the characters confront, Shakespeare shows the audience a seemingly hopeful side as the way people cope with their problems leads to growth and wisdom. Lear’s character demonstrates a remarkable ability to cope with problems and take on new experiences. Through the play, Lear’s ability to grow and mature in many intrinsic ways reflect on the hopeful vision Shakespeare injects into the play in small instances. By the end of Act I, it seems clear that Lear recognizes his responsibility for
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kinglearessay - Professor Rhonda Sanford ENGLISH 3573-3...

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