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othellosongs - Song#4 Emilia tries to stand up for...

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Professor Rhonda Sanford ENGLISH 3573-3 Assignment 4 Songs in Othello Song #1and 2: Iago’s drinking songs are justifications to get drunk and to continue to get drunk. The songs are to be sung in unison and simplistic in manner and execution. The men drink, sing, and are merry. The song reminds me of C.U. football games with the entire crowd chanting the fight song, “fight CU down the field!” in unison. Iago is successful in trying to get Cassio to drink and his next song is about drinking equality and that no man is too good to have a drink. Cassio drinks and exclaims that he likes Iago’s second song even more than the first. Song #3: Desdemona’s song is a lamentation to her love being lost from Othello. She is like a willow tree that is often described as a “weeping willow.” She is very sad and Othello’s jealousies are going to mark the end of her and of their relationship.
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Unformatted text preview: Song #4: Emilia tries to stand up for Desdemona’s virtue and she tells the truth. For this act she is stabbed by Iago and dying she brings the willow image back and dies in song. Emilia feels partly responsible for taking her mistress’s handkerchief and her husband’s evil plotting. She dies almost in a state of repentance bidding farewell to Desdemona. The songs in Othello further explore the characters and their roles within the play. Iago is a master manipulator and uses song to further manipulate Cassio to join in his ploy against him in his drinking song. Desdemona’s song is an accurate plea and lament for her innocence. Emilia, her mistress, still proclaims Desdemona’s chasteness and her role as a servant is continued even to the point of her death song....
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othellosongs - Song#4 Emilia tries to stand up for...

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