winterstalept1 - Antigonus was merely following orders...

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Professor Rhonda Sanford ENGLISH 3573-3 Assignment 8 pt.1 Paulina’s Diary Entry Dear Diary, You are my most trustworthy confidant and I appreciate the solace provided to me as I write to you in this tattered fragment of dire circumstances. But alas my woe is not for me but for Hermione’s poor, poor castaway child. I pray for you every night and hope that you are happy and well. It of course is better than it her existence in Sicilia. Curse these unjustified events upon the poor child! Hermione, I trust your child is safe somewhere. Lord have mercy and save her from the beasts.
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Unformatted text preview: Antigonus was merely following orders bless his soul. He was a good man and I miss him dearly. I still blame his untimely death on Leontes jealous rage for killing my husband as he has destroyed his relationship and lost his only heir and loves in life. May the beautiful remain crowned and preserved, away from the likes of Leontes. My ladys secret is safe with me and shall remain. Works Consulted: Shakespeare, William. The Winters Tale . New York: Signet, 1986....
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winterstalept1 - Antigonus was merely following orders...

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