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Word Work File L_1 - A focused topic can be explored...

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Drafting the College Entry Essay: Make sure to write specifically for the prompt of specific college you are applying for Thesis: o Clear, concise, managed, linear, on-topic. (linear arrangement) Move from A A*(prime) / not A B o Do not deviate from topic, the paper is short and concise. o Every idea relates to the bigger picture Make sure that the paper is: 1. Personal: Allows admissions board to learn more about you. 2. 3. Focus on the Prompt: The prompt is what you are writing about, show them you can answer their question about yourself. 4. Focused: The topic must be focused due to a limited space – so it is imperative that your topic is narrow and to the point.
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Unformatted text preview: A focused topic can be explored thoroughly, rather than touching on points from a wider topic . 5. Interesting: enough to grab attention. Reader will be fairly jaded after reading 100+ essays. Make sure it is interesting enough that they can read it. 6. Show, Don’t Tell: This is an important tip for writing in general. Example: I love Boulder Creek, I spend a lot of time there and it is a place close to my heart. OR I always looked forward to going to the Creek after school. The stream provided me with comfort and it was always a relaxing place to escape to when my life faced trials and tribulations....
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