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Works Consulted: Crane, Stephen. "Crane, Stephen, 1871-1900. the Monster." Etext.Virgina.Edu. Aug. 1898. Harper and Brothers Publishing. 5 Apr. 2008 < "fable." Acronym Finder. Mountain Data System. 09 Apr. 2008. <>.
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Unformatted text preview: Giles, Ronald K. &quot;Responding to Crane's &quot;the Monster&quot;&quot; Jstor. 5 Apr. 2008 &lt; doi=10.2307/3200217&amp;Search=yes&amp;term=monster&amp;term=stephen&amp;term =crane&amp;term=review&amp;item=2&amp;returnArticleService=showArticle&amp;ttl=36 8&amp;searchUri=%2Faction%2FdoBasicSearch%3FQuery%3Dstephen %2Bcrane%2Bthe%2Bmonster%2Breview%26dc%3DAll %2BDisciplines&gt;....
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