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5 June 2007 Professor Bruce Bassoff ENG 4224-100 Study Questions #2 Mangan’s sister reveals very little about herself in “Araby.” Her dialogue is very short and she only discusses her interest in seeing the bazaar and how she cannot attend because she has a retreat in her convent. This indicates that the sister is religious and Catholic as she has to attend the retreat. Otherwise, the narrator gives Mangan’s sister an air of mystery and the object of his desire. He would watch her at her house from afar and sometimes would just imagine her figure there, “I may have stood there for an hour, seeing nothing but the brown-clad figure cast by my imagination” (p.25). She seems exotic or not originally from Ireland and I think the boy is drawn to her because of this. She is interested in going to see
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Unformatted text preview: Araby , something the boy was not very familiar with, but quickly became the boys obsession to attend. The boy would follow her and held his “confused adoration” (p.23) to himself, never speaking to her. In the first paragraph of “Eveline,” Joyce employs an interesting collection of words to create the scene. The way that the evening “invades” the avenue, for the evening to invade upon the scene would suggest a disruption from Eveline’s afternoon. She seems in a contemplative state with her head leaning against the window curtains and the smell of upholstery (probably from the curtains) in her nostrils. I think that this passage introduces the reader to Eveline’s yearning to leave Ireland and unhappiness with her current situation although she eventually cannot....
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