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study questions 5

study questions 5 - Gabriel’s inability to hear other...

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10 June 2007 Professor Bruce Bassoff ENG 4224-100 Study Questions #5 Gabriel feels superior to others because he is an educated man. He feels entitled to people’s respect and lives in a world consumed by his own narcissism. When Gabriel listens to Mary Jane play the piano at the dinner party, “He liked music but the piece she was playing had no melody for him and he doubted whether it had any melody for the other listeners, though they had begged Mary Jane to play something” (p.186).
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Unformatted text preview: Gabriel’s inability to hear other people’s “melody” or feelings is representative of Gabriel’s inability to step outside of his own thoughts. Gabriel seeks the attention of everyone in the story, giving him or her money and trying to impress the guests with his speech. Because he seeks constant gratification from anyone in the story, he fails to see the reality of the situation and how people actually feel....
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