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15 November 2007 Professor Heydt-Stevenson ENG 4574 Mind Over Matter? As I strap in my last binding, I look around at the majestic peaks surrounding me on my early season trip to Arapahoe Basin. Echoes of Shelley’s poem, “Mont Blanc” resonate in my head, as I see a stream slowly churning down the mountain and I wonder what the mountain is trying to tell me. The mountain resembles an infinite power and inspires me to consider its power. When Percy Bysshe Shelley set his eyes upon Mont Blanc, he was so inspired he decided to write and reflect on its power over him. Shelley references the ability of Mont Blanc and its surroundings to exercise a symbolic hold over his thinking. The terrifying effect and majestic size of a mountain offer glimpses into the mysterious and complex nature of the sublime. The mountain inspires and awes me to the point of personal contemplation to question the vast expanses before me without a definitive answer to my inquiry, but an object – the mountain before me, evokes such observations. “In this case the mind is so entirely filled with its object, that it cannot entertain any other, nor by consequence reason on that object which employs it” (Mellor, 135). “Mont Blanc” is a poem addressing nature’s ability to teach the individual of its power and vastness through the unreasonable effects of the sublime. A poem of extreme profound analysis, “Mont Blanc” takes an object and reflects on the way it makes him feel. Shelley uses the mountain and natural world surrounding it to explain the truth and beauty offered Thompson,2 to humanity. In this way, he explores the Thompson,2
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extreme states of mystery associated with his experience with the mountain. The poem begins by Shelley addressing “The everlasting universe of things” (1). The subject object relationship lies in the everlasting universe of things. This is the relationship the poem discusses by invoking the all encompassing, forever lasting existence of everything. Shelley refers to every object in the universe, and how they are able to affect the mind. The relationship with a specific object, the “white mount” or Mont Blanc possesses the ability to stir emotions within Shelley to the point of the sublime ( The everlasting universe of things, which “Flows through the mind, and rolls in rapid
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FINALshelleyessay - 15 November 2007 Professor...

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