shakespeare - English-2222 4 December 2006 A Midsummer...

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English-2222 4 December 2006 A Midsummer Night’s Dream speaks to the irrational nature of love. The interrelationship dynamics of the play demonstrate the folly nature of love and the tension it creates between lovers and others. Sometimes love creates violence, revenge, or illogical behavior. Robin’s epilogue explains that the play is just to tell the audience that the play is not reality and it was just a dream. Love can also be interpreted as a reality existing outside of the world normal people inhabit and we all interpret things the way we wish to see them. Love falls under the category of a mental construction or interpretation of how people constantly recreate reality and how different people see and shape their own realities. Love is a creation of the mind. The ways that love is made into a state of “enchantment in the play contributes to the folly nature and constructed state that love can become 1 . According to Mary Ellen Lamb, “the practices and production of popular culture in A Midsummer Night’s Dream” can be translated into popular culture today 2 . When viewed in popular culture, the absurdity of love can be translated into popular culture as well. The perception of love as an absurd practice of the mind is a school of thought shared by many in today’s culture as well. When the sun sets, the lovers are taken to an entirely new realm of transformative love separate from the world in the sun. The moon has an uncanny ability to change the attitude of the scene of the play and how lovers react to one another. In a moonlit world, lovers are not able to see things as clearly and are inclined to act irrationally from time to 1 Shakespeare, William. A Midsummer Nights Dream New York: Washington Square Press, 1993, 2 Taken By the Fairies: Fairy Practices and the Production of Popular Culture in A Midsummer Night’s Dream Mary Ellen Lamb p.277
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time. Strange transformations can happen and the lovers end up in the woods. The night makes everything more poetic and more romantic. “Sappy metaphors” emerge in the moonlit world 3 . The irrational nature of love is revealed in the woods and in the night in a major portion of the
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shakespeare - English-2222 4 December 2006 A Midsummer...

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