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10/5/2009 Espresso Roma Cafe Notes Location: Espresso Roma Cafe Time: 7:30A.M.-8:15A.M. Tuesday, November 7 th , 2006 - 7:30A.M. About 10 people, 7 males and about 3 females. - Visit early because it’s when people usually drink coffee. - There are a lot of tired looking younger kids, one adult. - Most people enter through the front door and don’t stay, but exit right after they get their beverage and begin walking towards campus. - Student, teachers, etc. get coffee for walk to their destinations. - I see that students and older adults both come to Espresso Roma Café at this time. - People chain tie dog to outside fence when they go into Espresso. - Many people walking by on their way to classes. - More bikes then cars. - Student with note cards (cramming for a test). - Students listen to their I pods on their walk. - 7:45A.M. About 15 people, 10 males and about 5 females - Light back ground music played throughout the shop and outside sitting area - Only two people are sitting down to drink their coffee and they are in a
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