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Observational Notes (project 2)

Observational Notes (project 2) - -People walk in the front...

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10/5/2009 Notes Observational Notes Location: Coffee Shop on the Hill Time: 10:00-10:50 - A lot of people arrived around the same time I had. - I walk by the coffee shop every morning and many of the same people here are seen here on a daily basis. - There is no certain type of crowd. All ages and genders included - People seem to come in couples, especially if they are sitting down in the outside
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Unformatted text preview: -People walk in the front door, if they are staying, majority walk to the outside patio and sit, if they leave they politely make there way back to the door. -When people on the patio are done with their beverage and conversation, they exit through the outside gate of the patio, rather then going back inside then leaving through the door.-The layout of this shop seems to be...
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