project 1 - Project 1 Every child has a place that they...

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Unformatted text preview: 10/5/2009 Project 1 Every child has a place that they would resort to in order to find seclusion from the people around them. These places often hold a special place in our hearts because of the experiences we have had with them. An unbreakable emotional, physical and psychological bond can easily be created when someone designs a place and becomes attached to it. In fact, a couple of these places may be so important to an individual that they can become very territorial and defensive over them or even have a great influence over decisions later in life. The first place that I have developed a strong emotional and mental attachment as well as an everlasting love for is my tree fort. Part of the reason why this fort is so meaningful to me is because I built it with old materials found around the house, a hammer, nails and my own two hands at the age of 11. Now, this fort was not some magnificent, glorified palace located high in tree by any means; however, it was a place for me to go and get away from the world and just reflect and play by myself. My tree fort gave me a certain sense of self security and control, as if I were in charge and no one can tell me how to act or what to do when I was there. I became very territorial over my space though because I built it and occupied it, it was my second home, and therefore I was able to decide who came up and who did what. I literally used almost every form of territorial communication in order to mark my space as my own. A large wooden sign reading Richard’s Fort dangled from a thin piece of rope hung by a nail from one of the makeshift window frames. As simple as it gets, this was my form of marking my territory in a graphic way so any trespasser knew that this was my place, my home and my sanctuary away from the world. When family members or friends came over I would 10/5/2009 Project 1 climb up my dads old aluminum ladder, through the gap in the floor to make sure that the...
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project 1 - Project 1 Every child has a place that they...

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