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Project II Essay - Espresso Roma Cafe Part II Written...

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10/5/2009 Espresso Roma Cafe Part II: Written Analysis Espresso Roma Café is quite a familiar place to me because I often stop there for a cup of coffee when I have time on my way to classes. In addition, it is often very busy and a “meeting place” for many people oftentimes in the mornings. Espresso has an extremely welcoming and comfortable feel to it. I walk by it every morning on my way to classes and always notice very soothing or fun music playing inside and out on the patio. Also, there are always a large variety of types of people here, older, younger, students and faculty all seem to come here for the delicious coffee. I think that the patio and warmth of the building really draws people to it, which makes it such a popular hang out as well as rendezvous location. The interior smells just like fresh brewed coffee and the lighting is dim and relaxing which really draws me and I am sure many others to Espresso Roma Café. I believe many of these physical elements shape the behavior of people in many ways. The combination of the lighting, seating situation, aroma and overall atmosphere of the café really makes it a relaxed and laid back place, and it is clear that it has this effect on people. I really only noticed two paths that were apparent in the café; one is pretty commonly seen, a consumer or consumers walk in and purchases their drink and continues this circular pattern out to the patio where they enjoy their beverage. After this they walk out the outside patio gate on their way to their next objective. The second path I noticed was simply the consumer walking in, getting their drink, then walking out towards campus illustrating that they most likely got a cup of coffee for their
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This test prep was uploaded on 03/18/2009 for the course ENVD 3001 taught by Professor Pamelawridt during the Spring '09 term at Colorado.

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Project II Essay - Espresso Roma Cafe Part II Written...

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