Subdivide and Conquer

Subdivide and Conquer - 6 Who pays for the...

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ENVD 3001 11-14-06 Wridt Questions for “Subdivide and Conquer” 1. List three reasons why people move to the suburbs? -Open Space, Better place to raise a family (kids), safer (less crime) 2. List five consequences of sprawl? (NOTE: listen throughout the film to answer this question). -Designed for cars -High levels of pollution -Social costs -Loss of history -Leads to detioriation of urban centers (cities) 3. How many years on average does a typical American spend in their car throughout their lifetime? -4 years (1,000,000 miles a week for roads in VEGAS/LA) 4. List two things that make it possible for people to live in suburban mountain towns? -Skiing, Hunting, tourism, Airports, 5. List two things the government did to encourage sprawl. -Recreation areas -Made it very easy for veterans and others t buy houses after wars -Highways -Zoning codes and regulations almost encourage it(parking spaces, etc)
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Who pays for the infrastructure (water, sewer, etc.) of suburban developments?-Citizen’s taxe, utilities, other bills 7. What is smart growth?-Growth with boundaries, 8. List three characteristics of new urbanism design.-Creating a neighberhood,-Mixed use developments-Repair/revitalize older/historical areas and buildings-Attracting attention/focuse of the town to the center instead of the edges 9. What are zoning codes and how do they impact the development of neighborhoods?-The rules that dicate what can be built and where. They help segregate things into distinct areas, creating areas of monotonous buildings and suburbs 10. What did residents of Boulder do to prevent sprawl?-They created a boundary of open space around the city, in order to contain the urban development....
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Subdivide and Conquer - 6 Who pays for the...

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