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Mdtrm Essy organized - Midterm Exam Essays 1. Historic...

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Midterm Exam Essays 1. Historic preservation in U.S. followed two specific paths, a private and public sector. Preservation started in 1827-1828: Touro Synagogue in new port, Rhode Island. Private: revolved around important historical figures. From about 1800- 1875: Motivation- patriotism, legacy, piety. Manifestation: Shrines. Examples: Independence hall and GW’s house. 1875-1920: Motivation- appreciation of the aesthetic. Manifestation: House museums such s Paul Revere’s house and the mercer museum. 1920’s- motivation: scholarship, education. Manifestations: outdoor museums, ex. Colonial Williamsburg. Balance seen towards the 20 th c. as the motivation: planning and conceptualism, Manifestations: historical districts, heritage corridors and rural/open space. 21 st C.: motivation: sense of place, Manifestations: community and urban revitalization, main street U.S.A Public: government involvement wanted to preserve natural features and establishing national parks. Paths merged with the establishment of the national trust for historic preservation 1
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Mdtrm Essy organized - Midterm Exam Essays 1. Historic...

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