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Practice Debate1 Geog - 3/18/2009 World Regional Geography...

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10/5/2009 World Regional Geography Practice Debate Debate Speech Topic : Native Title in Australia Position : To a certain extent the Aboriginal peoples should be able to claim their land if it is passed by the government as a non-exclusive land lease. However, I believe a fair portion of the land should be used for farming, mining and exploring to better the economy and further advance the Australian Industry without interference from the natives. Introduction/ Opening Line : Pastoralists and farmers have the right to the lands in which they have occupied and worked, under numerous land lease agreements set forth by different state and territory laws. However, the legal terms that these leases were granted need to be briskly assessed to determine the effects of the lease on native title land in order to label them exclusive or non-exclusive land leases. If the land lease meets the requirements to be exclusive then The Native Title should be virtually extinguished. On the other hand, if the land lease deems the qualifications to be non-exclusive, then compromise between the farmers and the Aboriginal peoples concerning the land must be met. Possible Opposing Arguments : - The Aboriginal Tribes have inhabited the land throughout their long ancestral history and they deserve to have that land. -
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Practice Debate1 Geog - 3/18/2009 World Regional Geography...

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