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Sweatshops debate - 3/18/2009 Debate 5 Sweatshops, Evil? In...

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10/5/2009 Debate 5 Sweatshops, Evil? In the United States we have become accustomed to hearing the negative aspects of sweatshop conditions and their horrific effects on globalization. However, I believe that sweatshops in third world countries act as a segway to a newer and stronger economic environment. The issue of globalization and what comes of it such as the production process, politics and the overall trade between countries is a loaded subject that I believe arises out of lack of foresight to see the positive effects that this can have. First of all, it has been proven through the stages of maturity in several countries that globalization does not in fact create a larger gap between social classes although it may seem this way. “Countries that have begun to institute trade and investment have proven to show that the middle class grows, which concludes that there is less income disproportion” (Why Sweatshops are good). Sweatshops begin to play a large role at this point because I believe this is where the ball to a stronger economy starts to roll. Sweatshops increase the job opportunities, especially for those individuals in third world countries that are just beginning to develop. In addition, they also offer better salaries then some lower waged jobs that individuals in developing companies may have been employed in previously. Like all jobs, some sweatshops are going to be cleaner then others, and some boss’ are going to be more
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Sweatshops debate - 3/18/2009 Debate 5 Sweatshops, Evil? In...

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