World Population Debate

World Population Debate - Paper 1- Debate 2 3/18/2009 World...

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Paper 1- Debate 2 10/5/2009 World Population Debate I believe that the world is not over populated; in fact, the majority of the world population doesn’t use their resources efficiently or effectively. There are plenty of resources to create a sustainable lifestyle for more then Earths present day population. I think the focal issue should not be concentrated as much on over population, instead, granting equal admission to essential resources that should be available to every nation. The only solution to this problem is to create a globally accepted system of resource openness as well as allocation. One of the most apparent and biggest troubles in this dilemma is the misconception between two major aspects of overpopulation. This misapprehension relates to the proper distinction concerning the scarcity of resources because of overpopulation or the shortage of resources to adequately equip a population because of a lack of education and resource effectiveness. Throughout the world there are nations and communities that struggle for their existence because of famine due to poverty and poor education, not lack of resources. For example, hunger throughout certain sections in Africa is from state wars, poor political structure and horrible foundations for non-economy based societies. “Although Africa has the fastest growing population on Earth, South Asia is the most densely populated area in the world” (Pulsipher 317). In addition to this, Pulsipher also indicates that India’s food supply has kept up with its quickly increasing population growth. Other countries such as China can learn from this. Although China has a larger population, India is projected to surpass China as the most populated
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World Population Debate - Paper 1- Debate 2 3/18/2009 World...

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