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ex phys lab3 - VO2 vs Power Output 6 VO2 max lab report #3...

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VO2 max lab report #3 1. The graph shows Vo2 max where the peak is at its highest. Vo2 max is equal to the ability to uptake, deliver and utilize O2. Where the peak in the graph is at its highest, that is the point representative of the Vo2 max. (Lab manual) 2. A. Endurance training has an affect on Vo2 max in that with intense endurance exercise training, the subject should expect their Vo2 max to increase by up to 20%. Endurance training affects heart rate, stroke volume and (a-v) O2 difference. From the Fick equation we see that Vo2 max=Q*(a-v) O2 difference where Q is equal to the stroke volume * heart rate. With endurance training an increase in stroke volume affects the value of Q, which in turn has an effect on VO2 max. Also with endurance training, we see an increase in (a-v) O2 difference affecting the VO2 max from the Fick equation because of the possible shift in the oxyhemoglobin dissociation curve, mitochondrial adaptations, elevated hemoglobin and myoglobin concentrations, and an increased muscle capillary density (Brooks text book pg.355) b Strength training does not improve VO2max because it does not use oxygen to utilize ATP synthesis.
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ex phys lab3 - VO2 vs Power Output 6 VO2 max lab report #3...

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