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exphyslab4 - LAB 4 Tom LaRocca M 5:00pm See attached graph...

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LAB 4 Tom LaRocca M 5:00pm 1. See attached graph. Based on the results the equivalent MET value was 12 METs. 2. The three predicted Vo2max values are 42 (from Lauren’s treadmill extrapolation graph) 49.5179 (the non exercise test value) and 62.1 (Brittany’s bike test) all in ml/kg/min. The values obtained from the nonexercise test and the bike test were obtained from the same subject. With these results there is definitely some room for error in that Table 3 only went up to 150 watts, when the subject was actually pedaling at 175 watts, so i used the 150 watt value for the calculations. There was obviously some underestimation done between the nonexercise test values and the bike test on the same subject. Essentially these tests were very different. The treadmill test used an extrapolation method to estimate the Vo2max without even reaching a maximal exercise. The treadmill value was very low and could also leave room for error because the results were obtained from another subject, no myself. Training and genetics could have also had a factor on the results across
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