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lab5 - Lab-assessment of max anaerobic power Feb 25th 2008...

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Lab-assessment of max anaerobic power Feb 25 th , 2008 1.) See attached graph 2.) With time, power decreases. This is because the initial steep slope correspond to the immediate stores being depleted and the second part of the graph with is not as steep is the non-oxidative stores. with time, lacate builds up which leads to a decrease in pH making it harder to exercise, so power decreases. 3.) Anaerboic Power is the amount of anaerobic work you can put out at one instance whereas anaerobic capacity is how much anaerobic work (above Vo2 max) you can sustain over time. The maximum oxygen debt is a better measurement of anaerobic capacity than the Wingate test because the best measurement of work is by measuring O2. Since the Wingate test evaluates power, you are measuring rpms not O2, and in this case you are unsure how far the subject is exercising above Vo2. Also the maximum oxygen debt takes into account a broader time frame.
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