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Oral Presentation Instructions and Guidelines

Oral Presentation Instructions and Guidelines - IPHY 4650...

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IPHY 4650 Oral Presentation Purpose: To learn additional information, ABOVE AND BEYOND what is taught in lecture on the exercise physiology topic of your choice. To gain experience presenting scientific subject matter in a simple, yet engaging format. To gain experience speaking in public. Procedure: 1. Find a CURRENT (i.e. 2006 – 2008) REVIEW OR RESEARCH article in a reputable journal on a current hot topic in EXERCISE physiology (i.e. the paper must place an emphasis on the importance and/or effect of exercise). Note, make sure the review/article isn’t too “meaty” and/or isn’t 20 pages long. HINT: actually skim through and/or read the ENTIRE paper before you decide it’s what you want to present. Don’t just read the title and the abstract and assume that because they’re catchy that it’s a good review. Make sure you understand the review and are actually interested in what the authors have to say. If you’re unenthusiastic it will show so take the time to find a topic you really want to learn about.
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