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substrate labwriteup - Feb 29th, 2008 Lab: Substrate...

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Feb 29 th , 2008 Lab: Substrate utilization during exercise 1. 2. When looking at the exercise intensity and substrate utilization for an untrained individual, you can see that as the ATP demand increases with increasing exercise intensity, the total kcals also increase. At rest, you are primarily using FFAs, little plasma glucose and little triglyceride, when you increase your intensity; you see a jump up in the amount of muscle triglycerides and plasma glucose as well as a drastic increase in muscle glycogen. When this glycogen is depleted in the muscle, you become fatigued (Monica’s PowerPoint). At rest or exercising at low intensities, most of the energy needed is provided by oxidation of plasma fatty acids (substrate article). At lower exercise levels, high citrate levels inhibit PfK and glycolysis. As exercise intensity increases, plasma FA turnover doesn’t increase because the body is extracting lipids from adipose tissue into the muscles and this process is too slow to match the high-energy exercise intensities (substrate article). As exercise intensity increases, the rate of appearance of plasma fatty acids decreases due to insufficient blood flow and albumins ability to transport FA from the tissues through the blood. If plasma fatty acids are unable to be transported in the blood, they become trapped in the tissues and have to find energy elsewhere throughout the body. Also with the increase in exercise, the body switches from using fats (lipids) to primarily using CHO stores. Lactate
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substrate labwriteup - Feb 29th, 2008 Lab: Substrate...

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