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ventilation lab - Ventilation Lab Write up 3/6/08 1.) How...

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Ventilation Lab Write up 3/6/08 1.) How is respiration regulated during exercise? Compare and Contrast the sources of ventilatory regulation during the initial, steady state and recovery phases of an exercise bout. At the onset of exercise the initial regulation of ventilation is due to neural aspects. The neural centers that controls ventilation are located in the lower brain, below the thalamus. The hypothalamic respiratory center is designed to alternate inspiration and expiration rhythmically. (Brooks pg 271) During steady state exercise, humoral regulation by the chemoreceptors is taking place. This leveling off is a result of the increase in Co2 and increase in pH that occurs at this phase. These blood borne substances are thought to be responsible for the slow phase of vent adjustment to exercise (brooks 275). Chemoreceptors are specialized cells on the ventral surface of the medulla, which are distinct from inspiratory and expiratory neurons, are sensitive to changes in hydrogen ion (H+) concentration. Some of the chemosensitive cells are influenced by the pH of the medullary interstitial fluid, whereas other cells are sensitive to the pH of the cerebrospinal fluid (Brooks 275). Peripheral chemoreceptors are located on the carotid artery and are sensitive to CO2, O2 and pH. During the recovery phase, the rapid decline in ventilation is due to neural implications as previously stated followed by a slower decrease and leveling off due to humoral changes when you see a decrease in CO2 levels and an increase in pH. 2.) Using data identify subjects VO2 max. At what power output did Vo2max occur? Why did you choose those values? To the best of my judgment, Rob’s VO2 max occurred at 69.7% L/min of his Vo2max.
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ventilation lab - Ventilation Lab Write up 3/6/08 1.) How...

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