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vo2max presentation - Vo2max is a physiological...

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Vo2max is a physiological characteristic bounded by limits of the fick equation Elite endurance athletes have a high vo2max due to high Q (cardiac output) from large compliant cardiac chamber, which relaxes quickly and fills to large end-diastolic volume. What limits vo2max is uncertain- could be due to genetics, length, duration, type and intensity and age of initiation of stimulus. maximal O2 uptake is most ubiquitos measurements in all of exercise science Vo2max: the classical view -States that max rates of O2 utilization in sk mus are limited by the hearts ability to deliver O2 to working muscle. Does a true vo2max exist, can we measure it? - A # of scholarly revews and rebuttals have been writeen about issue - What limits vo2max? lets assume there are upstream” and “downstream” factors that provide O2 to exercising sk mus and then use it for physical work o “upstream” factors: physiological pathways which transfer O2 from environment to blood, pump into periphery, then distrubtes to mus cells o “downstream”: all intracellular processes that occur once the o2 molecule is transferred to the inside of the cell for ox producation of ATP, and the neuromotor events that create Ca influx and mus contraction ** large part of the debate hinges on whether downstream factors (mus motor
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vo2max presentation - Vo2max is a physiological...

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