immuno - Thymus gland produces t cells Shrinks with age...

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Thymus gland- produces t cells Shrinks with age Spleen Bone marrow- blood cells In bone-immature lymphocytes, leave bone, mature in thymus gland=mature T cells Thymus—tcells Bone marrow—b cells Innate IS Nonspecific Quick to act Physical barriers(skin, mucous membranes) Chemical barriers-help with defense-keep out pathogens Innate immunity If detect something foreign, try to neutralize it Ex. Skin—good barrier—unless open wound Acidic, hard for pathogens to enter. Lysozyme (chopping enzyme) destroys microorganisms Respiratory system Lining coats larynx and trachea-traps microorganisms. Prevents entry into bld vessels Nose hairs Digestive syst Breaks down protein, backteria=salivary lysozyme Mucous lining-keeps pathogens out Keep players of innate IS? Macrophages—1 st line of defense Can detect foreign as being not part of cell—phagocytosis “Antigen piecing cells” makes specific immune responses to destroy specific antigen antigen presenting macrophages: engulfs, breaks it down, becomes acidic, pieces of it go to key helper cells (1 st in of acquired IS) to produce and immune response natural killer cells-part of innate IS can deal w. virus (flu) certain cell infected with virus, destroy infected cell-attach, lyse membrane, cell is functionally useless at this pt no specificity
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Acquired immunity humoral -bodily fluids fenerates antibodies speficic to antigens presented with cell mediated - high degree of specificity cytotoxic t-killer cells summary picture ** APC (generally a macrophage) 1 recognition detects as foreign, initaties phagocytosis, chops up antigen, presents pieces of antigen to acquired IS. Gives us cell mediated prolif of cytox t cells and humoral of b cells that are speicifc for this antigen only. Make a bunch of cytotoxic t cells, infected with this virus, make antibodies bind to this antigen only. High specificity. Interleukin 11-cytokines that help with proliferation
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immuno - Thymus gland produces t cells Shrinks with age...

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