lecture6 - 3/6/08 - anatomy of the heart o pump for...

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3/6/08 - anatomy of the heart o pump for circulatory syst. o Atria-thin elastic tissue, not muscular unlike ventricle. Atria is smaller than ventricles—mush more muscular o L ventricle is more muscular than right becomes pumps out more blood and encounters much more resistance. Right just pumps bld through pulmonary cicuit. o Hypertrophy of L ventricle in end athlete, can handle a greater vol of blood. More mus and more contraction leads to bigger SV rejection, contributes to max VO2 with end training Tissues (blood poor O2, high in CO2) rturns to R atria, dumped into R ventricle, pumps artery into lungs, return via pul vein back to L atrium, valve open to L ventr, L ventr pumps O2ates blood throughout bosy Cardiac muscle cell (heart muscle) Cardiac cells have striated appearance Diff than sk mus, heart tissue has gap junctions. They allow for ions to pass from one cardiac cell to the next cardiac cell. When heart receives electrical impulse, heart mus contract in unison, signals transduced from one cell to another. Junctions allow for uniform contractions— important for heart! - Intrinsic conduction system : sets the basic rhythm of the heart o SA node-pace maker, sets rhythm of heart. (~70times per min) o internodal pathway o AV node- brief pause (1millisec) allows us to make sure atria, once contract have been completely emptied. Conducts electrical impulses down L and R ventricles o AV bundle- o bundle branches- all cardiac cells can contract simultaneously for a more forceful contraction o purkinje fibers once atria is filled, ventricles contract
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lecture6 - 3/6/08 - anatomy of the heart o pump for...

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