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mass media test 1 - TEST 1: Mass Media: Lecture Notes (Key...

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Mass Media: Lecture Notes (Key points) World produces btw 1-2 billion gigabytes of unique info per yr Interpersonal comm is greatest type of comm. Census Bureau’s Statistical Abstract says US spends more time with media than anything else EXCEPT breathing Ball State University 2005 study: o 394 Midwesterners given a handheld device to record their use of “media” every 15 secs o More than 2/3 of people’s waking moments involved media use From piplines (carriage) to programs (content) to 24/7 environment: o 1 pipeline differs from another o The climate causes some pipes to freeze o Media pipelines aren’t available EVERYWHERE: Not in Asia, Africa, Caribbean How to think about the media: o Technical Inventions o From tech inventions: State policy and regulations Ownership Financing Production values Training Equipment Programs Audiences: More time with tv than school Effects: Impacts on who am I? o Social Forces: Media business supposed to operate in US under the 1934 Act in the “public interest, necessity and convenience” Society – Media – Society Relationship: Reporters and editors are members of society: choose to cover certain news Media reporters as employees of industry put out news You as viewing member of society are influenced by it Media business – society relations (ex.s): Society shocked that so few (3%) media firms are owned by ethnic minorities who make up 33 % of US population: Pressure on media companies to hire more ethnic min.s!
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mass media test 1 - TEST 1: Mass Media: Lecture Notes (Key...

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