Mass Media Test 3 Review

Mass Media Test 3 Review - J1001 Review Qs for Test 3 After...

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J1001 Review Qs. for Test 3 April 11, 2007 After 21 hours of weekly readings and regular class attendance related to Jamieson Chs. 2-4, Strasburger Ch. 4 and several web pages, this review should be a breeze. Some tips: I. News: 1. Does news just happen or do news people play some role in constructing news? If journalism is strictly facts, where does the creativity and imagination mentioned by Carey show itself? Journalists size up situations and name them in a way that contains an attitude towards them What is the role of rhetoric in news reporting? 5 main things it depends on: Reporter’s expertise Reporter’s relationship with the editor Story length and structure Norms of objectivity, fairness, and balance 2. What is newsworthy, according to news staff? Individual perspective, dramatic, specific event, novel, entertaining, linked to issues in the media. This is limited by which factors? Perceptions of the audience interest, external limitations, internal limitations, and changing news norms 3. What does Jamieson mean when she says news is ideological? It’s not fair, balanced, or objective. Why would a practicing journalist generally not agree with her? They try to be objective 4. Which factors influence the impact and influence of news? The screen Camera Special effects Function of inaccurate and incomplete reporting due to commercial pressures Selective choice of lang. Breaking news
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Mass Media Test 3 Review - J1001 Review Qs for Test 3 After...

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