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Individual Reflection - MGMT 3030-002 Team Reflection...

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MGMT 3030-002 Team Reflection: Individual Learnings Through out the semester I worked with my team, The Guardians, which included Kristina Maestas, Xiaoyan Yang, Alyson Auffenberg, Jennifer Delorbe, and myself. We worked together to produce a team vision, mission, values, and culture, to complete our team homework assignments, and to work on our semester long leadership project. Working with the same group of people on a semester long project taught me a lot about working with a team and working with your team members. The five of us decided to become a group on the second day of class, and of course I was nervous about not knowing much about my group members. I knew Aly from outside of this management class, but had never met the other three girls. I am always a little apprehensive when I have to work with a group for a long period of time, because you never know what kind of workers you are going to get and what their motives are for taking the course. Luckily my apprehension was quickly dismissed after we discussed our vision and mission for our group. I realized that I should not be apprehensive about working with a group and should put more trust into others. I quickly
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This essay was uploaded on 03/18/2009 for the course MGMT 3030 taught by Professor Heinzeroth, during the Spring '08 term at Colorado.

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Individual Reflection - MGMT 3030-002 Team Reflection...

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