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Interview analysis

Interview analysis - public school system and most...

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The Guardians MGMT 3030-002 Interview Analysis: Interview # 2 Even though we were unable to go on the hike as planned for our second interview, our group learned a lot about Wendy, her lifestyle, her motivation to others, and the dangers of her quest. Wendy’s personality inspired us all. The fact that she was so willing to take an hour and a half out of the one-week in April she was in Boulder to pack for her trip to climb Baruntse in Nepal to talk to our group about her leadership style showed us the type of person Wendy is. She is a person who will do anything to spread her message and help other people. We saw it in the way that she interacted with our group, in her stories about climbing with her team, with her volunteering in the Boston
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Unformatted text preview: public school system, and most importantly in her mission. Wendy would never want people to believe that she was any kind of hero (even though that is what our group saw her as). She wants to inspire people to overcome the obstacles in their own life, no matter how big or small they may be. Wendy may have MS, but it is not stopping her from doing anything in life she wants to. She is running marathons, climbing mountains, and going to try to go to the moon. Looking at Wendy, anyone would believe that she is a normal person, but after getting to know her, we have realized what a truly inspiring person she is to everyone she meets....
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