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Case Study 2 - Case 23 - MGMT 4000-003

Case Study 2 - Case 23 - MGMT 4000-003 - Assignment...

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Assignment Questions 1. What problems do you see at the Devil’s Den? Employees were allowing their friends to take free food and the employees themselves were taking free food in large quantities when they were leaving their shift rather than consuming the food during their shift which they were allowed to do. Additionally employees were taking free food when they were not working. Due to this customers began to feel that they had the right to free food and began taking freebies. Nobody spoke up about the issue because that would be too costly, either they would lose friendships or possibly their job. These problems arose out of low wages, easy access to the storage room and lack of monitoring or control, poorly controlled inventory, and weak supervision. On top of the problems that were occurring there was no explicit way to deal with situations as there were no written rules or strict guidelines that were given to employees or enforced by management. There were no values or principles that were consistently preached or shared. Lastly, there was a very weak corporate culture among the employees. With few job qualifications and a very minimal selection process, employees did not have a strong allegiance to the job or company. 2. What grade would you give the Devil’s Den management team in performing such basic strategy execution tasks as competency building, shaping the culture, instituting policies and procedures, establishing control systems, developing reward and discipline systems, and exhibiting ethical leadership?
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