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Assignment Questions 1. What is competition like in the computer server industry? Which of the five competitive forces are the strongest? Which are the weakest? 2. Identify the forces driving change in the computer server industry. Will the combined impact of these driving forces have a favorable or unfavorable impact on competitive intensity and industry profitability in the years just ahead? 3. What is Sun Microsystems’ business model? What impresses you most about the company? 4. What are the chief elements of Sun’s strategy? 5. What resource strengths and competitive capabilities have been developed at Sun Microsystems? What resource deficiencies and competitive liabilities appear to exist at Sun Microsystems? What market opportunities do you see for Sun Microsystems? What external factors might possibly threaten the company’s future success? Do a SWOT analysis to support your answers.
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Unformatted text preview: 6. How important are strategic partnerships in Sun’s strategy? What are the benefits of these alliances? What are the potential weaknesses associated with these agreements? 7. What is you assessment of Sun’s financial performance from 1996-2005? Does the company’s financial performance indicate that its strategy is working well? 8. What were the primary factors that led to Sun Microsystems’ competitive challenges from 2002-2004? How has Sun reacted to these challenges? Have the company’s turnaround efforts been successful? 9. What recommendations would you make to Sun’s chief managers to regain a leadership position in the computer server industry? Is Sun’s vision of “The network is the computer” still viable? Will spending heavily on R&D be sufficient to rejuvenate the company’s core business?...
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