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Assignment Questions 1. What are the dominant business and economic characteristics of the mobile telephony market in Africa? 2. What are the barriers to entry into the mobile telephony market in Africa? Do host government policies affect competition in the industry? 3. Draw a strategic group map of the mobile telephony market in Africa. Which strategic groups are positioned most favorably? Which are poorly positioned? 4. What are the resource strengths and weaknesses of Econet Wireless International? Does Econet have any strategically important competencies and competitive capabilities that its chief rivals don’t have? What new market opportunities does Econet have? What threats do you see to the company’s future well being? 5. Do a weighted competitive strength of Africa’s major wireless telephone service providers using the methodology shown in Table 4.5 of Chapter 4.
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Unformatted text preview: Does Econet’s competitive strength compare favorably vis-à-vis its key rivals? 6. Has Econet Wireless done a good job of utilizing strategic alliances to enter the markets for telephony services in other countries? Do its alliances seem to offer opportunity for long-term advantage in the country markets where it competes? What country markets has the company had the greatest success with its strategic alliances? 7. What recommendations would you make to Econet’s top management team to strengthen the company’s ability to compete successfully in those country markets where it currently operates? Should the company pursue additional international expansion? Should the company continue to offer a complete package of telecommunications services or focus on wireless telephone services? Does the company have adequate ability to finance further growth and expansion?...
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