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Assignment Questions 1. What are the key elements of Abercrombie & Fitch’s (A&F) strategy in 2005? Is the strategy working? How has this strategy evolved since the company’s founding? 2. What do you see as the key policies and operating practices that A&F is using to execute its strategy? 3. How would you characterize A&F’s culture—strong, weak, healthy, unhealthy, high performance, adaptive? What are the chief components of the culture? Is the culture well- matched to the strategy? Why or why not? 4. How important is Michael Jeffries to A&F’s success? How has he influenced the company’s development and current culture? Has he been an effective leader? 5. A&F paid $50 million to settle three lawsuits charging it with racial discrimination. Do you think the lawsuits were justified? What were the key operating practices that led to these lawsuits? Did the marketing strategies that apparently insulted certain minority groups
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Unformatted text preview: encourage a corporate culture that was intolerant of diversity? Does A&F have the right to market itself to any ethnic group it wants? Should retailers be free to hire employees with personal appearances that match the image they are trying to project? 6. Is A&F’s approach to advertising to teens and young adults within ethical bounds or does the company cross over the line in using racy and sexually suggestive logos and models? 7. What is your assessment of A&F’s financial performance and financial condition? Is the company performing well and in good financial shape? Why or why not? How does A&F’s financial performance compare to the financial performance of key rivals? 8. What recommendations would you make to Michael Jeffries regarding ways to improve A&F’s strategy and its approaches to strategy execution?...
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