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Assignment Questions 1. What, if anything, is impressive about New Balance? What aspects of New Balance not so impressive? What accounts for New Balance’s success since the early 1980s? Is it mostly great strategy, sound strategy implementation and execution, first-rate strategic leadership, or just plain good luck? 2. What are the key elements of New Balance’s strategy? Which of the five generic competitive strategies described in Chapter 5 is the company employing? 3. Are New Balance’s functional strategies well aligned with its business-level strategy? Why or why not? 4. What has New Balance’s management done to implement and execute its strategy? What policies, practices, support systems, and management approaches underpin New Balance’s approaches to strategy execution? 5. To what extent has the New Balance Executional Excellence initiative impacted the firm’s performance?
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Unformatted text preview: 6. What are the chief elements and characteristics of New Balance’s culture? How does New Balance management go about nurturing and reinforcing the company’s culture? In what way, if at all, does the company’s private ownership impact the company’s culture? 7. How well is New Balance performing compared to its primary rivals? How will the acquisition of Reebok by Adidas impact competition in the athletic shoe industry? Is the acquisition likely to be favorable or unfavorable for New Balance? 8. What issues does New Balance management need to address? 9. What recommendations would you make to New Balance management? What does New Balance need to do to continue to be successful? Should management continue to invest in the New Balance Executional Excellence initiative? What, if anything, should New Balance do in response to the acquisition of Reebok by Adidas?...
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