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Case_30_Queensland - issues surrounding Caitlin’s...

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Assignment Questions 1. What are the fundamental elements of Queensland Rainforest Resort’s (QRR) strategy? 2. What do you see as QRR’s core competencies? 3. What business principles and values seem to be guiding the way QRR operates and conducts its business? 4. Is it fair to characterize QRR as an “operational and ethical shipwreck?” Why or why not? 5. What are the challenges facing QRR’s senior management team? In which functional areas does QRR seem to have the biggest problems? What are the highest priority issues facing Caitlin Murphy and Peter Myers? Do their concerns differ? Are their concerns related? 6. How should Caitlin respond to Dr. Benjamin’s letter? Are there any legal and ethical
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Unformatted text preview: issues surrounding Caitlin’s decisions? 7. What do you think of Peter’s decision to leave the hole in the information technology system created by the outside vendor? Is it legally and ethically sound? 8. What are the ethical dimensions of QRR's decision to monitor its employees? How should these be incorporated into its policies and decision making? Should Peter recommend any changes to the monitoring policy? 9. What should the CEO of QRR do to help employees address the monitoring policy issues? Be prepared to explain and defend the operational and ethical implications of your recommendations....
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