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Assignment Questions 1. What are the chief elements of Smithfield Foods’ strategy? How important is the vertical integration component of the company’s strategy in eastern North Carolina? 2. Is there a moral problem with Smithfield Foods’ vertical integration strategy and its resulting concentration of thousands of hog farms and several meat-packing plants within a relatively small geographic area? Can Smithfield Foods’ strategy pass the test of moral scrutiny (as discussed in Chapter 1)? Why or why not? Is it socially responsible for a company like Smithfield Foods to pursue a rapid growth strategy when that strategy poses environmental problems and adversely affects living conditions in the communities where it operates? Should the company be proud of its business model and strategy? 3. Does Smithfield Foods’ hog-raising operation in eastern North Carolina harm anyone? 4. Who is benefited by Smithfield Foods’ strategy in the hog-raising business? 5.
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