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Review Questions Exam 1 MGT 4000 1. Which of the following is not a good example of a company strength? A. More intellectual capital and better e-commerce capabilities than rivals B. Fruitful partnerships or alliances with suppliers that reduce costs and/or enhance product quality and performance C. Having higher earnings per share and a higher stock price than key rivals D. A well-known brand name and enjoying the confidence of customers E. A lower-cost value chain than rivals Why the Value Chains of Rival Companies Often Differ 2. The value chains of rival companies A. Tend to be essentially the same—any differences are typically minor B. Can differ substantially, reflecting differences in the evolution of each company's own particular business, differences in internal operations, differences in strategy and differences in the approaches being used to execute strategy C. Are fairly similar or fairly different, depending on how many activities are performed internally and how many are outsourced D. Can be either fairly similar or fairly different, depending on the extent to which each company's primary and support activities are comprised of fixed cost activities and variable cost activities E. Are fairly similar except when rival companies have quite different product designs Identifying Company Resource Strengths and Competitive Capabilities Question 2: What Are the Company's Resource Strengths and Weaknesses and Its External Opportunities and Threats? 3. The payoff of doing a thorough SWOT analysis is A. Identifying whether the company's value chain is cost effective vis-à-vis the value chains of rivals B. Helping strategy-makers benchmark the company's resource strengths against industry key success factors C. Enabling a company to assess its overall competitive position relative to its key rivals D. Revealing whether a company's market share, measures of profitability and sales compare favorably or unfavorably vis-à-vis key competitors E. Assisting strategy-makers in crafting a strategy that is well-matched to the company's resources and capabilities, its market opportunities and the external threats to its future well-being Question 3: What Factors Are Driving Industry Change and What Impact Will They Have? 4. Which of the following is most likely to qualify as a driving force? A. Increases in price-cutting by rival sellers and the launch of major new advertising campaigns by one or more rivals B. Wildly successful introduction of innovative new products by one or more industry rivals that force other rivals to respond quickly or lose a major share of their customers to the innovating rival(s)
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Exam 1 practice questions - Review Questions Exam 1 MGT...

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