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Google Analysis - MGMT 4010 Tracy Jennings Google Analysis...

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MGMT 4010 Tracy Jennings Google Analysis Question 1: At Google, as the website claims, the culture is unique. I believe the culture Google most resembles is the collaboration culture. Google is committed to creating an environment that is “inclusive, collaborative, and innovative.” (Google Jobs: Google Celebrates Diversity, 2008) They value their employees and operate in a flat like culture rather than hierarchical. As in the collaboration culture, Google focuses on diversity, relationships, commitment, synergy, teams, and trust. They see their employees as part of the Google family and are committed to helping them fulfill their lives outside the workplace as well. Their dedication to diversity and hiring local people in each country they operate in is a great example of a collaboration culture. They look for smart people who are motivated, dedicated, and love what they do and they are willing to provide benefits to help retain the best. Just as in the collaboration culture they are looking for “ability over
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