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Exam%202%20Practice%20questions%20with%20answers - Practice...

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Practice Questions, with answers, for 10-30-08 Exam A few months back, management at the CU Cola company was interested in assessing the impact of a particular advertisement on consumer attitudes toward its leading cola, BUFF-COLA. In order to do this, management at CU Cola decided to conduct a study. Specifically, on June 1, 2008, the research department at CU Cola stopped individuals on the Pearl Street Mall and asked them to participate in a study. They were told that their participation would entail completing a survey right then, and then reporting to the CU Cola company on June 15, 2008 to complete another survey. For their participation, they would receive $30. In the time between June 1 and June 15, the CU Cola Company ran a very intensive advertising campaign in Boulder for its BUFF-COLA. Of the 350 individuals approached on the mall on June 1, 200 agreed to participate, and thus, completed the first questionnaire at that time. The critical scale item on the questionnaire read: My attitude toward BUFF-COLA is: Favorable _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ Unfavorable Then, on June 15, 146 of the 200 participants showed up at the CU Cola company to complete the second questionnaire, which contained the same critical scale item that the first questionnaire contained (i.e., the scale item shown above). When analyzing the responses for this question from the first and second questionnaire administrations, CU Cola found that the average response across the 200 respondents on June 1 was 3.9, while the average response across the 146 respondents on June 15 was a 5.1 and the difference in these two means was statistically significant (responses were coded so that the most favorable response was a 7, and the most unfavorable response was a 1). Based on this finding, the CU Cola research department concluded that the intensive advertising campaign caused more favorable perceptions for BUFF-COLA. Please use this information to answer the questions that follow. a. Using the study notation used in the text (and also used in class), diagram what this study would look like O 1 X O 2 b. In one sentence, and in the context of this study, explain how mortality effects may have affected results (3 pts.) _________________________________________________________________ _ 1
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The 54 people who did not show up for the second observation (O 2 ) may have responded differently to the scale item at time 2 than the 146 who did show up. c. In one sentence, and in the context of this study, explain how a main testing effect may have affected results _________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________. The measurement at time 2 (O
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Exam%202%20Practice%20questions%20with%20answers - Practice...

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