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revised outline

revised outline - – Between an expected(hypothesized and...

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1 Statistical Tests used in Hypothesis Testing, which means Inferential Statistics (do not use the word “relationships” in a general sense as done in text on p. 251, but rather, consistent with its use in the title of Chapter 13) Tests of Relationships Between 2 variables Do both variables have an “up and down” nature to them (that is, are both variables at least ordinal)? If so, do a bivariate correlation analysis. » Are both variables at least interval? If so, use Pearson correlation » If one or both variables ordinal, use Spearman correlation If not: chi-square test of independence
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Unformatted text preview: – Between an expected (hypothesized) and observed pattern of data: • Chi-square goodness of fit – Between a dependent variable and: • One independent variable: simple regression • More than one independent variable: multiple regression • Tests of Mean Differences on one variable – 1 mean: one sample t-test – 2 independent means: independent samples t-test – 2 related means: paired samples t-test – >2 independent means: oneway anova using an F-test • Test of Mean Differences on more than one variable – n-way ANOVA, where n is the number of variables...
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